Around the Office

Lawson Creative Identity Package

We have been pretty busy at Lawson Creative meeting and working with new clients! However, we have also been working diligently on building our own brand as well. Check out what we have been making for ourselves and let us know what you think!

On The Go

It is very likely, that right now, at least one of your customers is viewing your traditional desktop website via a mobile device or tablet. And it is very likely, that right now, that very same customer is growing increasingly more frustrated having to zoom in and out, scroll back and forth, and strain their eyes just to view desired content.

Back To Basics

Advances in web design and technology makes it easy to get caught up trying to use the latest CSS tricks or mimicking the most up-to-date design trends. As a creative mind, you may begin to loose focus on the things that matter most. But the reality is, the latest and greatest design trends are are not always relevant.

What Could Be Better Than A Billboard?

Too often, companies find their annual advertising and marketing budgets dwindling at alarming rates with nothing to show for it. Every year, advertising space grows more expensive and harder to find. With each pause of the mail cart, business owners nervously anticipate spikes in their sales sheets. And while a whole page ad in a local newspaper, or a billboard on a busy street, or a 30-second slot during primetime television seems like the best way to generate leads… it is not.

Calling Your Customers to Action

Have you ever visited a company’s website, clicked through all of the relevant information, and then realized you had absolutely no idea what to do next? Suddenly you find yourself staring at your computer screen thinking, “Do I call? But I would kind of rather just send a quick email. I wonder how long it will take to get a response back from these people. Better yet, I wonder if I will receive a response back at all!”