Around the Office

Inbound Marketing: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

In the last 15 years, the world of marketing and advertising has drastically changed. A World Wide Web phenomenon sent advertising and marketing executives into a tailspin. Once a trade whose primary focus was print, television, and radio,  is now a booming digital market. Everything has changed: product placement, customer service techniques, feedback and data mining, even verbiage has become more current.

Adding Value to Your Brand

When starting any new business, most people agree that determining their business name or creating a logo was the most difficult decisions. To most, these kinds of choices are a large part of the all too important branding process. While a catchy name and a cool logo create the foundation of a company’s visual identity, it does not necessarily contribute to your brand’s value.

Does Size Really Matter?

Welcome to Lawson Creative and thank you for browsing around! Please allow me to introduce our team… it shouldn’t take long. We are a mighty team of two. Yes, a duo. Lawson Creative is made up of myself, Wesley Lawson, and Chelsea Howton. Between us both, Chelsea and I bring a variety of experience from the corporate world, creative writing, photography, public relations, and marketing. We are a pair just trying to mesh the best of our talents to create the most we can for our clients, because after all, size doesn’t matter… right?