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Calling Your Customers to Action

Have you ever visited a company’s website, clicked through all of the relevant information, and then realized you had absolutely no idea what to do next? Suddenly you find yourself staring at your computer screen thinking, “Do I call? But I would kind of rather just send a quick email. I wonder how long it will take to get a response back from these people. Better yet, I wonder if I will receive a response back at all!”

It can be frustrating, right?

As consumers, we prefer to have a company confidently usher us through the buying process. We all want a “get in and get out,” hassle free, transaction. And typically, most website owners have the same objective in mind. So, how do you – the website owner – avoid the “wandering customer” and successfully funnel all potential leads back into your system? The answer is simple! You must have a clear call to action, or CTA.

What is a CTA?

A CTA is a sales promotion made up of words that urge a reader, listener, or viewer to perform an action (e.g., “Call now!”). Website CTAs could include: contact forms, registration forms, product purchase forms, free eBook downloads, etc.

How to Have an Effective CTA

  • Decide what sort of customer information would be the most beneficial for your company.
  • Determine what would be the most customer-friendly data collection tool to implement.
  • When creating a CTA, always think “win-win.” Offer something that provides a benefit or service to the user and your company. This has the potential to increase conversion rates!
  • Now, you are ready to begin the actual CTA process! Try to think outside of the box. Use buttons, play with your site layout, or include a eye-catching graphic. Your users should not always have to rely on the website’s main navigation to determine what or where they should go next. Creating content that drives the user experience is key. This is your opportunity to get creative!
  • Prioritize your goals and have multiple CTAs if necessary. Design your site in a way so that higher priority CTAs display prominently, allowing easy discovery by users.
  • And finally, get to know your users, set realistic goals, continue to review any data collected, and make necessary updates.

For a Good Example

Check out this beautifully designed landing page for uses a clean, minimal design, paired with clear and direct copy to create a very effective CTA. As a user, I know exactly what my next step should be once I arrive on this page.

*Click the image to enlarge

Want more Call to Action ideas or need general help with your website? Well, you’re at the right place! Facebook, tweet, email, call, or just come on by – Lawson Creative would be glad to help!


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