Around the Office

What Could Be Better Than A Billboard?

Too often, companies find their annual advertising and marketing budgets dwindling at alarming rates with nothing to show for it. Every year, advertising space grows more expensive and harder to find. With each pause of the mail cart, business owners nervously anticipate spikes in their sales sheets. And while a whole page ad in a local newspaper, or a billboard on a busy street, or a 30-second slot during primetime television seems like the best way to generate leads… it is not.

Does Size Really Matter?

Welcome to Lawson Creative and thank you for browsing around! Please allow me to introduce our team… it shouldn’t take long. We are a mighty team of two. Yes, a duo. Lawson Creative is made up of myself, Wesley Lawson, and Chelsea Howton. Between us both, Chelsea and I bring a variety of experience from the corporate world, creative writing, photography, public relations, and marketing. We are a pair just trying to mesh the best of our talents to create the most we can for our clients, because after all, size doesn’t matter… right?