Around the Office

Miss Clariss: Sealed with a Kiss

Miss Clariss has a clever way of charming readers with her sassy demeanor and over the top stories about: life, love, and her super-cute basset hound, Sonny.

Hester Baptist Church

Rev. Alex C. Gallimore is the new pastor at Hester Baptist Church of Oxford, NC. A new graduate, Rev. Alex C. Gallimore knew that having a web presence was crucial in today’s world… even for churches.

Al Agnew’s popularity as a wildlife artist made for an easy transition into the apparel industry. Contracted through a national development company, Lawson Creative worked to design an eCommerce website for the widely recognized freshwater fish and wildlife artist.

Steve Brown LLC

Steve Brown LLC, a family-owned and operated used car dealership, approached Lawson Creative with specific needs in mind. Steve needed a website to advertise car and truck inventory, support truck rental inquiries, storage facility inquiries, and eventually, become a convenient place for customer’s to pay their bills with just a click of a button.

NC Sporting Clays Association

Some customers do not need everything. Some customers already have a website, or an established brand, or working design concept. The North Carolina Sporting Clays Association was that sort of customer – a customer who did not need “the works” package. This group was looking for a branding update.